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in Nelson BC and the North Shore

While luxury properties can be found throughout the West Kootenays, there are several hotbeds for luxury real estate in Nelson BC.

John’s Walk

First is the beautiful John’s Walk, a waterfront walk next to Sproat Drive. Homes on that Drive are typically larger and newer. Also, their proximity to Lakeside Park and bus routes into downtown also makes them highly practical choices. Many also have fantastic, immediate access to the water.

Fairview, Uphill and Rosemont

There are also parts of Fairview (the gradually sloped area southeast of Lakeside Park) and Uphill (south of Baker Street, Nelson’s “downtown”) with beautiful luxury homes. For example, Hampton Gray Place and Foster Place in upper Fairview have some large, newer builds. Their higher elevation means they also enjoy the latest summer sun in Nelson before the sun dips down below Elephant Mountain.

Fort Sheppard Drive in Uphill, tucked up against the beautiful Rail Trail path, also has some elegant, expansive homes.

And these are just a few examples. There are many beautiful luxury homes spread throughout Nelson, BC, in many parts of the city. All areas enjoy the delights of Nelson mountain life. Also remember areas such as Rosemont. That area is great if you want immediate access to the Golf Course, or that higher elevation with more snow in the winter and later sun in the summer.

Johnstone Road and the North Shore

Luxury real estate in Nelson BC is just one option. Outside the city limits is Johnstone Road, across the lake on the north shoreline. It’s accessed by the Big Orange Bridge (or “Bob” as it’s affectionately known). Some grand homes on that road face Nelson and have incredible views and excellent water access, yet downtown is only a five-minute drive away.

Further afield, the nature of immediate water access, often with incredible beach shoreline, means there are many luxury homes with highway addresses both east and west from Nelson. For example, the section of Highway 3A that runs on the north side of the lake from Nelson to Balfour is called the North Shore. There are beautiful waterfront luxury homes all the way along.

Finding your luxury

What does “luxury” mean to you, as you search for your Nelson home?

Beach and water access?

Walking distance to the delights of Baker Street?

Peace and tranquility away from the bustle of everyday life?

Easy access to Whitewater Ski Resort?

Or a delightful, expansive home with all the parking and land you need to entertain family and friends, and live your mountain dreams?

Local, expert knowledge is everything; Luke can guide you in finding exactly what you need. Contact Luke to find your luxury today.

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