Selling with Luke
Why Sell With Luke?
When it comes to selling your home, Luke Mori is the agent you can trust for exceptional service, innovative marketing strategies, and years of experience. With his deep knowledge of the local market and personalized attention to every detail, Luke will help you achieve the best possible outcome and move on to the next chapter of your life with ease and confidence.

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Guide to Selling your Home

Step 1: Answer key questions

Assess your sale
Luke will first have many questions to help target and assess potential buyers, including:

Why are you selling your home?
Are there time constraints to consider?
What characteristics make your home unique?

Ensure you’re committed to doing what it takes to sell your home for the best price, and in the quickest manner possible.
Modern dining room in bright house

Step 2: Marketing your home

Premium Listing
Luke will arrange for professional photos of your home, and will also create a video tour using a video drone and professional indoor equipment.

Room measurements and property details will be recorded, and Luke will want to understand all the strengths of your home so he can present it in the best way possible.

Step 3: Receiving offers

Get you the best deal
Luke will review each offer with you, and advise you on the best decision to make.
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Step 4: Closing the sale

Done Deal
With an offer accepted, you will need a lawyer for several legal documents and the title transfer. Practicalities will also now be important:

Arranging for movers
Transferring utility bills and other accounts to your new address
Setting up mail forwarding
And arranging for a cleaner for possession day

Step 5: Possession day

On to the next one
On the day of, or the day before, possession, you will meet with your lawyer to sign all the legal documents and hand over the keys.

And you’re done!
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