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Finding great waterfront homes in Nelson BC, Kootenay Lake and North Shore

The magic of Nelson BC and the West Kootenays is that many property locations are waterfront. The combination of narrow valleys and a wide lake (actually it’s dammed, and part of a glacier-fed river system) mean there are numerous waterfront properties in Nelson, along the North Shore, west towards Castlegar, and further up and down Kootenay Lake in Christina Lake, Kaslo and beyond, and in the area of Creston.

Where are the best waterfront homes for sale in Nelson, BC and Kootenay Lake? Let’s look at some notable locations.

John’s Walk, Nelson

John’s Walk is a short, beautiful, winding walk behind the homes on Sproat Drive, inside Nelson city limits near the Big Orange Bridge. Most properties on the north side of the Drive have beautiful lake views, and some have water access. These waterfront homes are also highly practical, as downtown is less than five minutes’ drive, and buses and other walks are readily available. Lakeside park is also just a five minute walk away, with its large beach, park space, and numerous facilities.

Johnstone Road, Nelson

While outside city limits, Johnstone Road feels like a part of Nelson because it’s visible from all over Nelson. Situated across the lake on the north side, west of the Big Orange Bridge, there are numerous homes on large lots hugging the water, many with water access options such as steps, docks, and even beautiful sand. Downtown is just over 5 minutes’ drive away, so it remains practical. Note that summer sun lovers may prefer other options: the properties hug the south face of Elephant Mountain, so are the first Nelson area homes to receive the shade in the middle afternoon of summers.

North Shore (Nelson to Six Mile to Balfour)

Waterfront homes could be defined by this stretch of lakeshore from Nelson’s Big Orange Bridge all the way up to Balfour (about a 25 minute drive). Numerous properties, most with Highway 3A addresses, have lake frontage, and some have beaches, docks, and other delights. If you want to be slightly away from the highway, Lower Six Mile Road (at six mile: locations on the North Shore are named by how many miles they are from Nelson) is situated away from the road bustle and has many expansive waterfront properties.

Harrop and Procter

There are few places on the south side of the lake between Nelson and Balfour, but Harrop and Procter are two of them. Served by a 24-hour cable ferry, there are quiet, rural retreats, and of course the mountain means many properties are waterfront homes. Many in Procter have a beautiful view across to Balfour and up Kootenay Lake.

Further afield: Ainsworth, Kaslo, Kootenay Bay

Past Balfour there are many waterfront home properties, as you can venture up or down Kootenay Lake. Up takes you to Ainsworth (home of the famous hot springs) and Kaslo (home to the amazing annual Jazz Festival), while across the 35-minute ferry from Balfour you reach Crawford Bay and the long, picturesque road down towards Creston.

Options everywhere

These summaries don’t even cover half the options: in all directions from Nelson there are lakes and rivers that provide extraordinary waterfront homes and retreats.

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